Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I've been working on redesigning my website here and there, whenever I can find a free moment. My challenge to myself for the upcoming year is to try to push myself to learn a few new things computer-wise and try out some new mediums palette-wise. I get complacent and stuck on working with the same materials over and over. It's time to shake things up!

So here's to a new website for early 2016- stay tuned!

my husband and i are suckers for the 'charlie brown' tree in the lot. we see a lot of potential in a lopsided, scrappy little tree, and this year our feelings did not waiver. our tree this year had a good run, but as you can see in my sketch, it's time for the recycling bin :( perhaps a good representation of how we feel after the holidays? hope yours was great!
working on some new stuff in the studio...hope to post more soon. :)

out of all the breeds of dogs that i've drawn, the pug hands-down wins the prize for getting the most response from folks on the interweb. so, i'm in the studio today working on some pug art, as well as revisiting some some sketches from awhile back. remember that girl pulling the wagon? i had to redraw her friends...the original crew was just not right...

finally finished this piece!